Established in 2005, Cambridge Industries Group (CIG), headquartered in Shanghai,China with branch offices in Delaware, USA and Hong Kong, is a leading independent ODM/JDM/EMS of carrier and enterprise grade customer premise equipment, with a focus on the following areas:

- PON/EPON products based on FTTx technology - Wi-Fi and Small Cell product based on wireless access technology - DSL technology such as, FTTdp and VDSL - IoT, Smart Home and Home NAS products

CIG can partner with your company to better serve your customer needs. As part of its core business, CIG has a two-engine drive model, which provides high quality R&D and state-of-the-art manufacturing JDM/ODM collaborative services to the ICT industry. This model results in competitive advantages in technologies leadership and innovation. Millions of CIGs products have been deployed worldwidethrough our partners, who are some of the largest service providers worldwide. Our people have many years experience working at such innovative companies as Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, Photonic Bridges, and Nokia-Siemens.