HR Concept

CIG regard talent as the key resource of the company, consider the staff and the company's co-development as a strategic direction of the company¡¯s development. CIG hold the "people-oriented, collaboration and win-win" concept for all kinds of talents ,keep providing a stage to show their talent, and actively create a "happy work, result oriented" talent growth environment, and continuously improve the co-development of enterprises and employees, and share business profit with employees, creating excellence, sharing success together !

CIG always insist to recruit capable person with required qualifications, and make the best use of employee¡¯s ability. Let employee show talents properly and will provide appropriate training¡¢ reasonable arrangements. Light each employee's enthusiasm, motivate employee, and creativity build a fair competition mechanism and good cultural environment.

CIG establish and continuously improve the talent development mechanism, and build a wide platform that employee can get improvement . Finally we achieve win-win success.